Convalescent Care

Dove Home Care Agency Ltd.

Convalescent Care at your own home.

Our experience and research tells us that recovery rates are better at home than in hospital.

As well, the reality is that most people want to come home. Is actually the one place where we can feel relax. Our convalescent care-at-home service offers the greatest way to recuperate after a period of illness or following a surgical procedure.

Our live-in convalescent care service is tailored to focus on each individual client. Following all, for many individuals the level of care they need will alter during the restoration period if you have a 24-hour carer on hand to offer help. It is also better to achieve a youthful discharge from hospital if you have a 24-hour Live-in Carer on hand at home to provide the amount of help and care had to ensure a quick restoration.

· Low dependency: Where clients are largely self-caring, but need the extra support and reassurance that a Live-in Carer can provide. This might take the form of chores, shopping, preparing meals and companionship.

· Medium dependency: Might typically include assistance with personal care such as bathing, dressing, toileting and mobility, in conjunction with invaluable help around the home.

· High dependency: Can encompass all the above, but in addition clients may require assistance with more complex healthcare, such as catheters/stoma care or feeding.

· Nursing care: Requiring the administration of medication, injections and syringe individuals; wound and pressure health care; ventilation and tracheostomy; formal nursing care plans and risk assessments. In these instances, we can organize a completely qualified and very experienced Live-in Health care worker service, 24 hours a day, before the patient is well enough to control with the support of your carer.