Disabled Care for Young kids

Coping with Young Disability! Don’t worry.

Dove Home care is here for you to cope up with disability. We provide excellent home care or live in care service for people with physical disabilities. If there is any person suffering from disability at any age, we care for you and we will definitely support you to gather strength in your life.

We all know that young people (in spite of their disability) can cope better in their own home with their loved once, than in a care home. That is why we (Dove Home care) provide this service in your homes with the support of skilled and experienced carer staff. Our staff not only take care of disabled person but engage those youngsters in some individually tailored activities program that will maintain your optimum mobility, independence and strength to your life. Sometimes the strain on a parent’s life, specially if the patient is a young child, can be too great, so our home carers deal with the patient as a friend and guide.

Disable child care

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Disable care for young kids

Young children with disabilities have to rely on their parents for support which makes difficult to carry on in their lives smoothly. Though for many families it is very difficult to arrange a carer for their child due to safety and reliability issues. As parents think that no one else will care for their child as they can. And other parents may think that their child can not be improved under the guidance of an unknown carer. Some parents may think that they will be less able to provide sufficient care to their child. And some others may feel conscious to rely on an outsider. For the 40,000 children and young people in the UK with complex physical health needs, there can be many additional problems associated with their care needs.

Though at the end, every family has their own choices but it is important to know how many options are there for their disabled child.Their child may live with them and can just hire a professional carer.They may send their child to a care home to get better services and better care of their child. It does not matter whatever the option a parent has opted for, but it is important that your beloved child will have a good care with all safety that will help him to deal with disability very enthusiastically. There are many options you can opt for like one of your family member might help the disabled child but it can create strain between family member.

Physically Disabled Care

Though In such kind of situations, Dove Home Care is the best solution to all your problems where you can trust on trained and fully qualified carers for best quality of care service. We support children and young people who have a disability from birth to the age of 25 years old. Young Physically Disabled Care is provided at Dove Home Care with the support of skilled and experienced care staff. We work with a responsive and progressive care plan for every patient and review each plan on regular basis. It helps to the improvement in patient’s condition.  At Dove Home Care we have considerable experience in caring for young physically disabled children.

Dove home Care has been established since 1993 providing a quality home care service with well trained care staff. We have provided care in many of the areas through out UK since this date and are listed as a Preferred Provider for Social Services. We provide care for the elderly, young disabled, physically disabled and mentally ill. When a request for a care package is received our agency ensures needs of the patient and risk assessment is carried out prior to commencement of the service. A senior member of the team will visit the service user and a care plan will be developed. Full details of their needs and interests are discussed.