Reablement Care Specialists

Reablement Care is a service to help you regain your ability to carry out some activities independently and offering you the self-confidence to manage independently. Dove Home Care provides you fully qualified carers at your own home. Our carers are fully trained to provide you reablement care. 

We will continue to work with you to develop confidence and skills to carry out daily living activities and continue to live as well as independently at home.

Reablement Care Specialists Services

  • Each of our Reablement services is available to prospects that contain had a spell in hospital or individuals that may be experiencing difficulties living on their own at home. We could help with things such as:
  • Developing the confidence to permit safe transfers including getting up from a seat, in and out of bed and off the toilet.
  • Providing you with protection awareness tips to avoid comes or avoidable accidents minimizing risks around the home.
  • Support in finding new ways in working with everyday jobs including drink and food preparation, shopping, organizing and planning daily routines, using transport, laundry.
  • Personal care tasks including undertaking washing, dressing, and toileting independently.
  • Working along to permit you to live alone.

If you are in need of Reablement support, you can call us, our Reablement care worker will discuss with you before leaving about what will be necessary when you go home. Our Reablement career will assist in regaining your independence by supporting you.